Screen printing on t-shirts first became popular in the late 50’s and has developed into the best method to decorate garments and other suitable items of clothing.

It requires a stencil for each colour contained in the desired image and once the initial preparation work has been processed it’s a fast, cost effective way of reproducing stunning images onto medium to large volume print runs with accurate, vibrant, simple line artwork all the way through to complex photographic images.

Garments decorated using this art form can be seen everywhere. Worn by dedicated followers of fashion, music aficionados, sports fanatics, hip gamers, brand loyalists and professionals. The medium is also popular with streetwise companies to promote their latest venture or product.

Since 1985 TOTShirts have embraced the screen printing technique to produce the highest quality printed T-shirts and garments.

The classic benefits of screen printing…

Screen printing continues to offer the ultimate, cost-effective solution for:

  • Any quantity – we employ both manual carousels for sampling/small run jobs and automatic printing presses for those medium to hi-volume orders so the size of your order, big or small, doesn’t worry us.The main consideration to bear in mind are the origination costs where a large number of colours are used against short order runs as they can prove uneconomical. For these requirements we may recommend digital printing. Our fully experienced sales team are always more than happy to advise on the right method for you.
  • Durability – our refined print techniques and robust wash testing procedures ensure a long life for your chosen images.
  • Versatility – screen printing can be employed on any suitable garment.
  • Line work – For your specific pantone references or supplied swatch we have an in-house colour match department.
  • Tone work – For images containing gradients or photographs we employ the 4 colour process CMYK technique to re-create your design onto white fabrics.
  • Simulated process – CMYK only works on a white background so an alternative method is required to recreate tonal designs onto black and coloured fabric.This method is about creating a ‘toned’ white underbase utilising the colour of the garment, where appropriate, and printing specifically separated/colour matched half-tones to provide stunning, vibrant reproductions of your original art.
    Note: this technique is unique to the garment decoration industry and there are very few experts in this field.
    We have fully developed in-house training to ensure your art is ‘sepped’ to the highest standard
  • Range of inks – in addition to the the industry standard of ‘plastisol’ inks we are also experienced with printing discharge inks, a water based solution that gives a ‘soft hand’ on suitable garments. we are also fully compliant with all specialised inks including fluorescent, reflective, puff, phosphorescent (glow in the dark) and metallic to name but a few.

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