To ensure you get the very best T-shirt printing and decoration results, our exclusive in-house origination departments are on hand to carry out all art working, stencil making and preparation of your design required for use on your chosen garment.
Before any decoration or printing starts, we send you an exclusive TOT colour visual so that you can see exactly what your design will look like on your garment, making sure positioning and size are perfect.
Our skilled staff are fully trained to undertake simple line work and 4 colour process right through to the complex multi-colour simulated process.


Decoration is the term we use for applying images to garments and here at TOT we employ a full range of in-house processes to meet your exacting requirement.
In addition to our fully equipped automatic and manual screen printing facility we employ digital T-Shirt printing, embroidery and heat transfer machines as well as the necessary related support departments to ensure smooth and efficient T-Shirt printing fulfilment workflow.
We continue to invest in the best machinery to bring you outstanding results.

Product Choices

Apart from the usual T-shirts, sweats, polos, jackets, caps, bags and a multitude of other garments etc, we have printed a wide variety of unusual items, the most memorable being an elephant’s coat!
Being one of London’s leading T-shirt printers, with over 30 years of experience, we have a wide range of suppliers that will help you get the finest product for your design.


If your order requires specialist labeling or packing, our garment processing team can provide a full range of finishing to your specification.
These include re-labeling, attaching swing tags, individual bagging and ratio packing simply tell us your specification and we’ll sort it out!

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