Another of TOTShirts’ specialist areas is embroidery.

Embroidery is often the cherry on the icing on the cake. It’s that extra touch that makes your brand feel important and special.

It is best described as applying an image onto material by way of stitching. Originally a manually intensive hand craft where cloth stretched across a frame could be embellished by a skilled needleworker, the process evolved over time with the use of machines controlled by ‘punched tapes’ through to today’s computer programme based solutions.

Although mainly favoured by clients for workwear, schools and sports clubs here at TOTShirts, we have decorated many unusual garments including an elephant’s coat used for the re-enaction of Hannibal’s schlep across the alps a few years ago.

Another interesting fact about the modern embroidery process we embrace here at TOTShirts is that the origination files required for embroidery are now know as ‘DST’ rather than tapes, jacquards or discs of old. Once one of these has been created and stored the design can be called up again and again for low or large volume decoration runs. ( You could say the elephant doesn’t forget!)

Today’s machines and programmes allow for simple one colour monograming all the way through to intricate complex multicolour designs. the choice is yours.

Indeed, the industry has come a long way since the Bayeux Tapestry – one of the world’s most famous embroidery jobs, unfortunately we can’t lay claim to that one!

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