Turning Your Light Bulb Moment Into Printed T Shirt Design

It’s more than spring that’s just around the corner…your company’s next great T-shirt slogan could also soon be seen stepping out in all the right places, i.e. where your customer audiences are!

From a fun run to pop up shop, community or commerce event organisers expect their T-shirt slogans and designs to do a vital job – get their brand noticed!

A deal maker

The spring and summer months are the crucial time for getting busy with your next great T shirt idea to drive campaigns and promos. Getting snapped sporting a T-shirt slogan or image conjured up out of that “light bulb” moment can be a deal maker whether splashed across a trade magazine or on Facebook or Twitter.

Kick-starting the 2015 season for high media profile T-shirt branding has to be Red Nose Day, the annual fundraiser for Comic Relief. Here the emphasis is very much on quirky but punchy messages in a busy combination of big bold letters and humorous graphics inked in simple but striking red, black and white.

Every pixel counts

More striking still can be the well-chosen photographic image on a T-shirt where every pixel counts and high resolution helps to reinforce your message. Product launches are always the perfect opportunity to get “top shelf” exposure with a top-notch image, which can be achieved using direct to garment printing, with the best results on 100 per cent cotton T-shirts.

A pristine screen printed image is still often seen as an industry standard, where you have the choice of a single colour, spot colour, which can involve effects such as gradients, layers, embedded images and transparency or up to four colour separation using transparent inks.

New level of awareness

Shimmer effects have continued to make their influence felt in T-shirt design, especially for leisure industry events. Tiny reflective flakes are suspended in a clear ink, which then become part of the applied metallic ink, usually gold, silver or bronze. So even if you are undecided about going for the full-on reflective foil, you can shine up your brand message with a subtle gleam.

As we head into spring 2015, you are sure to notice that the standard quality of today’s T-printing is sharper, richer and bolder than ever before. Branding with t-shirts can transform your original slogan, logo or artwork to a new level of customer awareness beyond the summer – as enduring as the printed ink itself!