A Printed Image On The Move – Has Your T Shirt Got The Pull?

The printed T shirt image could be described as a moving poster aimed at personalising a message.
Wherever the wearer goes, the message goes with it. With so much extra attention for T shirts worn by celebs around town, or in front of TV cameras, a specially designed Tee when shown at the right time, will surely be popular. Imagine if you had the right one in a company video, it must surely go viral?

Whatever the event or activity – from a charity fund raiser to a product launch – nothing cuts through the news and social feeds faster than a particular ‘look’, from companies suddenly all friendly and daring with hipster branding and trendy 90s retro. Getting the image just right on a T shirt can be a big people persuader!

Another exciting option

Printing quality has never been more crucial! A totally quirky image, a curious name or sharp one-liner on a T shirt are all great ways to grab attention. Now, the latest digital printing ‘direct to garment’ (DTG) means brands have another exciting option to choose from when promoting events on the move or planning last minute campaigns.

Just like an advanced version of a desktop inkjet printer, a DTG printer uses water based inks, which also contain a thoroughly tested ‘fusing agent’ to permanently fix an image to the fibres of the fabric without fading.

Digital printing is a great tool for brands looking for heightened sharpness and colour intensity in their T shirt campaigns.

Those looking to raise the bar in total visual impact, there are also diamante and foil – printing techniques, which not only give companies so much more to design with but can give businesses a whole new look to keep their customers interested and following!

Tee break… the first ‘golden era’ of the graphic tee is said to have begun with the 1983 movie “The Outsiders” when the character, Two-Bit Matthews, played by Emilio Estevez, only wore Mickey Mouse t-shirts, then suddenly everyone was wearing them!

While a celeb in a full-on bling T shirt might suddenly light up the social networks, any event can cause traffic spikes with a target audience if the branding excites enough to drive social shares. Businesses looking for the elusive wow factor can also polish up their image and capture the moment, wherever those moments are taking place – at a product or fashion shoot, a pop-up event or promo launch.

But to get your vital message across and be seen on any number of devices today – from a typical 9in tablet to the 4.7in iPhone 6 screen – you need to be ‘high definition’ in your content sharing and promo strategies too.

That’s why brands are making their ‘glittering’ statements, picked out on a tee in neat jewel-encrusted diamante stones or iridescent foil printed hues in metallic gold and silver or fluorescent pink, green, yellow and orange.