Why the Latest T Shirt Branding…


Why the Latest T Shirt Branding And Social Media Are Driving Awareness

T shirt branding is big news in 2015!

Publicity and marketing managers cannot have failed to notice the new wave in image branding that has been energising companies in all sectors over the past few years. In addition to screen printing, the explosion in new digital printing techniques offers instant branding – ‘direct to garment’ – with your very own eye-catching design! Further exciting possibilities can also include the stunning effects of diamante, embroidery and foil printing.

Even commercial and corporate branding have even been given the creative smarts with a ‘friendly’ image makeover, using imaginative visuals, story lines and powerful cultural referencing. Today’s T shirt branding increasingly goes hand in hand with social media and driving customer awareness of what’s trending right now with your potential target audience.

The days when T shirt branding was just about a small company logo on a black or navy blue background, which meant everyone had to lean in close to decipher, are more likely to be reserved these days for retro styling than digital innovation.

Did you know... the first printed Tee is said to be the US Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt in 1942, while others claim the earlier date of 1939 for a printed shirt made to promote the film release of The Wizard of OZ.

T shirts have come long way from the 1960s and 70s when they were first used as a living canvas for self-expression embracing every type of social, cultural, artistic and political slogan and image. As a result, for decades afterwards when business wanted to adopt a more informal look they tended to opt for a plain polo shirt, which retains a collar and buttons.

Business and social continue to blur

Scrolling forward…business and social continue to blur, not just when kitting out the company staff on a fun run for a local charity, a band’s latest gig or a big industry product launch. In today’s message sharing networks, an enormous amount of brand awareness and positioning takes place, accompanied by a friendly face and more often than not, the wearing of an original T shirt with a neat message.

Ever since Facebook and Twitter began redefining website engagement as social media business on a global scale from 2006 / 07 onwards, savvy brands know they need to be seen connecting with their audiences, wherever they are, offline as well as online. That has meant more freely expressing and showing who they are, what they mean to their customers and how they communicate to them.

A simple logo is sometimes simply not enough!

It’s the reason why more than ever, companies and national chains – and that really does now include the traditional corporates – often insist that wherever staff members are present, a dedicated “spirit of the occasion” T shirt can be more engaging and memorable and thus, more effective.

Importantly, in a user-generated age – and in a bid to reflect an image of the brand, which their audiences can feel more confident to trust and engage with – the branding message and image ideas are now increasingly allowed to come directly from the company people themselves.

It’s no coincidence that brands from all industries will be pushing even harder this year to be seen as more socially creative and engagement-worthy with a home-grown T shirt message.