Keep Calm and Print A Better T Shirt!

Trying to come up with ideas for a new company T shirt?

If you’re in the middle of planning for a forthcoming trade show, product launch, promo or a one-off event, you may be wondering what’s replaced “I ♥ ….” or “ Keep Calm and…” in the what’s trending now department.

Early T break… the British government’s WW2 message to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was first reprinted in 2001 when an original poster was rediscovered in a box of books bought at auction by a Northumbrian bookshop. Over the next ten years the iconic meme and its many parodies found its way onto thousands of items, including of course, T shirts.

Raising brand awareness by associating it with a slogan or something else that people already know and love is a tried and trusted way of attracting attention to your message. For example, children’s charity, Variety, recently announced the launch of the ‘I Love A Bit of Variety’ T-shirt campaign.

If you already know the image or slogan, or both, which you want to promote on a T shirt, but are looking for different eye catching ways of presentation, there are a number of printing techniques you can select to help make your brand stand out from the crowd.

The sheer number of ways the surface of a T shirt can be worked is bound to inspire a new approach to refreshing your intended campaign.

Did you know … that a screen printed image can be applied by clear gel inks, reflective inks, shimmer inks, photo-reactive colour change and even 3D high density inks? Your event branding can really take off with audiences by heat applied foil printed effects in a compelling metallic colour finish.

T shirts are enjoying a colossal surge in creative marketing campaigns and every business should really be keeping their eye on the current type of images, slogans, colours and printing techniques that are setting brands apart with their everyday customers and social followers.

The secret to creative inspiration… can often be to discover what some of the current printing methods can do, which can give you a great idea for adapting your company logo, top product / service offering or event theme to a T shirt or similar promotional garment.

As social media crossover becomes increasingly mainstream in all marketing campaigns, the challenge of keeping the brand fresh can be met by creating not only the right image or slogan but also styling the content with a compatible, inspiring printing technique.